Tandem R4

Tandem bike rack for Thule and Yakima bars

The latest Tandem Mount, the R4 is, bar none, the best. Our bike rack for the two-seater, allows the front wheel to be removed and mounted onto the fork mount from the ground! Once the fork is clamped in, lift the rear wheel onto the tray, and voila! This way you will only have to lift half the bike's weight at one time!

Switching to a single bike could not be easier. Simply turn a wingnut and the slide the tray forward, it stows away cleanly and will now accommodate your other bikes. Look around, the ATOC Tandem Topper (same as the Thule ) and the Yakima Sidewinder don't do that.

  • simple push button design & pivoting axle allow for easy one person loading
  • internal bearings and headset technology make for silky smooth movement
  • telescopic design allows for tandem or single bikes
  • fits Thule & Yakima bars
  • compatible with 35" to 78" wheelbases
  • built with the strongest non-corrosive, ovalized, heat treated 6061 aluminum
  • 9mm quick release secures the fork to the rack
  • 24" - 36" crossbar spread required
  • sleek silver anodized finish
  • works with many recumbents as well
  • MSRP $269.95
Offset Bracket

On some vehicle rack set-ups, the front chainring of your Tandem can hit the window or doorframe while loading the tandem. The Offset Bracket spaces the Tandem Mount further outboard on the bar (by up to 9") on the crossbar. This may be required to use the pivoting function of the Tandem Mount R4. If you have enough crossbar available sticking past the tower (you need 5"), you will most likely not need it. If you mount the R4 inside the towers, you probably will.

  • Silver Anodized to match the R4